Final Voyage - Major Patch

Patch notes

  • Added Health bars to buildings.
  • Improved minimap: Has more information, can be clicked to move camera there.
  • Added difficulty levels. Standard, significantly easier than the previous difficulty of the game as well as Hard and insane that will really put your skills to the test.
  • Added controls
    • Holding shift allows you to add more units to your current action-group.
    • Pressing CTRL + 1-9 adds the currenct action-group to a control group.
    • Pressing 1-9 will select all units in the corresponding control group.
    • Double tapping on 1-9 will center the camera on the units of the corresponding control group.
    • Pressing Space will center the camera on the units of the current action-group.
  • Upgrades to units and buildings apply to already existing ones.
  • Balance changes
    • Enemy turrets now has the ability to move (slowly)
    • Hover-tank 
      • Deals more damage
      • Maximum targets set to 3
      • Has more 50% more health
    • Mine-layers
      • Now places mines spread around itself.
      • Mines now have a duration (30 seconds)
    • Heavy infantry
      • Increased damage by 30%
      • Increased health by 50%
    • Light infantry
      • Increased damage by 20%
    • Upgrades
      • Each level now costs 100 Crystals more than the previous one
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed build button bug (Player would place a building when pressing the build if a building was selected)
    • Fixed a rare bug that would cause units to visually remain after dying.
    • Fixed a bug causing some text going outside of the dialog box.
    • Purple Goo will no longer spread outside the map.


Final Voyage (Windows) 19 MB
Sep 06, 2018
Final Voyage (Multi-platform) 17 MB
Sep 06, 2018
Final Voyage (OSX) 20 MB
Sep 06, 2018

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