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It doesn't work on mac please let it work on os x el capitan

i really want to play

Sorry for the suuuuuper late reply. Did you try the multi-platform version (.love)? It should by all means work. You just need to download the Löve framework at

I can see if I can make a .app version for the game in a while.

This is pretty fun, although the controls are a bit odd.

Thank you for your feedback! This was made in 72hours for Ludum Dare, so there are a lot of things that we would change if we had more time. But all input is very appriciated; what would you change with the controls to make them less odd?

Maybe make it arrow keys+ZXC, or WASD+Mouse?


The optimal would naturally be to allow people to rebind the keys, the reason we went with the controls that we choose was because not everyone has a QWERTY keyboard and since Ludum Dare is an international event we wanted everyone to be able to play the game.

Thank you!