A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

 --City Mayhem--

In City Mayhem you play as a murdering and thieving lunatic whose only goal in life is to amass as much money as possible. This has some unfortunate consequences, the bigger your fortune grows, the more the police gets interested in having you end up in a coffin. (They don't mind the murdering, but you are not paying taxes on that gold!)

Move: WASD / Arrow keys

Aim: Mouse

Shoot with left weapon: Left click

Shoot with right weapon: Reft click

Enter Vehicles / Banks: E

Restart game when dead: R

You can shoot while in a car (Because why not)

The main objective is to rob banks, follow the arrow for the next place to hit!

Install instructions

Windows version: Unpack the zip and run the .exe file.

Multiplatform version: Download the Löve framework from http://www.love2d.org and run the .love file.


City Mayhem (Windows) 16 MB
City Mayhem (Multi-platform) 13 MB


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this game not good but very fun!