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You need to balance your characters Chaos-Lifeforce bar. If it reaches either end you will become too unstable and die.

Draining will increase your Chaos / reduce your Lifeforce. It can for example be used to kill enemies
 Funneling will increase your Lifeforce/ reduce your Chaos. It will restore life to both enemies and plants 



  • [W][A][S][D] - Move
  • [Left Click] - Drain, this increases the Chaos-bar
  • [Right Click] - Funnel, this will increase the Lifeforce-bar


  • [F] - Toggle Fullscreen
  • [Escape] - Skip (Cutscene / Intro)



NameRolesSocial Media
Belle Rahnasto Artist Instagram


NameRolesSocial Media
Simon Rahnasto Programmer Twitter


NameRolesSocial Media
Daniel Docherty Music Web
Milan Kovarbašić Sound Effects


Darkness In Bloom (Windows) 11 MB
Darkness In Bloom (Löve - Multi platform) 7 MB

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