A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux



  • [Arrow keys] / [W][A][S][D] - Move
  • [Left Click] - Shoot
  • [E] - Dodge-roll
  • [Escape] - Pause
  • [Q] - Quit (Only when paused)



NameRolesSocial Media
Belle Rahnasto Artist & Director Instagram


NameRolesSocial Media
Simon Rahnasto Programmer & Producer Twitter
Eric Bernard Programmer Twitter


NameRolesSocial Media
Ben “Langotriel” French Narrative Design & Casting & Voice - Advocate Youtube
Daniel Docherty Music Web
Ian Tomlinson Sound Design Twitter
Zach Pokres Voice - Devil Twitter
Franki “Hankshaw” Garpeman Voice - Player Youtube

Install instructions


Download the Windows version, unzip it, and run the "DiscoInferno.exe" file.

Linux / Mac

To play on Linux or macOS you  will also need to have Löve 11.3. Download it here:    https://bitbucket.org/rude/love/downloads/


Disco Inferno (Windows) 64 MB
Disco Inferno (Source - Löve) 61 MB

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