A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


A fast paced and intense duel to the death. Shoot the ball on your enemy in order to kill them, first to 5 points wins.

This game was made with local multiplayer in mind, however there is a singleplayer mode. We recommend that you use a controller! You can play local multiplayer with just 1 keyboard or 1 controller and keyboard or 2 controllers.

Controller (Recommended)

Left stick = move

Right stick = aim

Right trigger = hit

Left trigger = vanish

Keyboard controls

Player 1

W/A/S/D keys = move

Spacebar = hit

Left shift = vanish

Player 2

Arrow keys = move

Right ctrl = hit

right shift = vanish


The closer you are to the ball, the harder you shoot.

Vanish makes you immortal for 1 second.

Press F for fullscreen (Only works if you are in Controls (from menu))

Install instructions

Windows version: Unpack and run the .exe file.

Multiplatform version: Download the Löve framework from http://www.love2d.org/, and run the .love file.


Forest Rivalry (Windows) (14 MB)
Forest Rivalry (Multiplatform) (12 MB)


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Video of gameplay!