A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


In Path of Redemption you play as a person who has been accused of a crime and have been ordered to complete a series of tests to see if the gods deem you innocent or guilty. To goal is to beat 24 increasingly difficult rooms to get to the final Boss and earn your freedom. .

Need some help?

If a Puzzle is too difficult you can always Pay life coins to skip it. Simply go to the Blood-well and press the [E] key.



Each piece of armor provides you a 1/3 chance to block incoming damage. The armor piece that blocked the damage gets reduced durability. When an armor piece has blocked damage 3 times it breaks and you drop it.armor.png

Create your character

You can choose between playing as a male or female and randomly generate some different variations.generate.gif

Gamble with your life

If you are brave you can open chests by spending life, if you are lucky you might get a great reward!gamble.gif

Dodge attacks

Remember to dodge incoming enemy attacks (their weapon glows red right before they strike). Pressing the [Spacebar] key while running allows you to dash a short distance.dodge.gif

Avoid traps

A lot of things will try to kill you, avoid them best you can. The Dash ability [Spacebar] comes in handy here as well.traps.gif

Do some old fashioned murdering

Apart from encountering other people who are trying to prove their innocence by completing the trials, you will also face stone guardians. They need to be killed, before they kill you.fight.gif


Check out what stats your current weapon has, the following is displayed (Top to bottom)

  • Movement speed
  • Attack Range
  • Attack Speed
  • Attack Damage There are 15 different weapons and a full set of armor to collect.inventory.gif


  • [W][A][S][D] / Arrow keys - Move
  • [Spacebar] - Dash (while moving)
  • [Left Mouse Button] - Attack
  • [B] - Open inventory
  • [E] - Interact (Read, Pick up, activate)
  • [Escape] - In game pause / Quit game when in Menu .


Path of Redemption (Windows) 29 MB
Path of Redemption (Multi-Platform) 26 MB

Install instructions


Download the Windows version, unzip it, and run the .exe file.

Linux / Mac

To play on Linux or macOS you need Löve 11.2. Download it here:  https://github.com/love2d/love/releases/tag/11.2


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The game is awesome. 

Some bugs i have noticed (i played on windows10 64bits):

- items/coins spawn sometimes on the wall where we can't take them

-  sometimes i took exit door without wanting to (collision are a bit big maybe)

- when i pay for 1 chest in a room everytime i pay for another one its free

I also have a question :
which engine/technology did you used?

Thank you for reporting bugs! We created the game using the Löve - framework (https://love2d.org/). The game was made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare game Jam (http://ldjam.com/)

Awesome game! I love it!