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You wake up in a boat with no memory, drifting in the sea of afterlife. The deities that cover the sky watch you drift to shore, where your fate seems to be cemented as a soulless wanderer.

This is, until you find a small shard of yourself. With a slight sense of self you now try to find the answers to your emptiness

[What is "Shi no ganbō"?]

A side-scrolling platformer that tells a story about loss. Shi no ganbō translates to "Desire of Death", the rest you will have to figure out yourself!


  • [W][D] / [Arrow Left] [Arrow Right] - Move
  • [Spacebar] / [W] / [Arrow Up] - Jump
  • [Left Mouse Button] - Trigger equipped item in slot nr 1
  • [Right Mouse Button] - Trigger equipped item in slot nr 2
  • [E] - Open inventory
  • [E] - Interact (Pick up, activate)
  • [Escape] - In game pause

- Belle Rahnasto   - [Art], [Director] https://twitter.com/WindmillGames
- Simon Rahnasto   -[Code], [Producer] https://twitter.com/WindmillGames
- Eric Bernard     -  [Code]  - https://twitter.com/ebernerd 
- Ben "langotriel" French -  [Level Design], [Casting], [Narrative Design]
- Daniel Docherty  -  [Music] - https://www.danieldocherty.net
- Milan Kovarbašić -  [Sound Effects]
- Dianna Conley    -  [Voice: Wife]
- Franki "Hankshaw" Garpeman  -  [Voice: Barbarian]
- Zack Pokres      - [Voice: Main Character]
- Aiko Amami       - [Voice: Child]
- Humpten Frumpenshire - [Voice: General]


Shi no ganbo (Windows).zip 34 MB
Shi no ganbo.love 30 MB

Install instructions


Download the Windows version, unzip it, and run the .exe file.

Linux / Mac

To play on Linux or macOS you need Löve 11.2. Download it here:  https://github.com/love2d/love/releases/tag/11.2

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