A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

One Viking. Hordes of enemies. A final stand.

You play as Svard Bjorn, a fierce viking who has to fight off a growning number of enemies using only two buttons.

Ludum Dare page

  • Arrow keys to navigate
  • Spacebar to select
  • Tap left or right arrow key to attack.
  • Hold left or right arrow key to shield against projectiles.
  • Tap left and right arrow keys to attack upwards.
  • Throw a spear by hitting 3 enemies without taking damage.
  • Gain an ultimate attack by reaching 10 (20, 30, 40...) combo points.
  • Hitting an enemy right before they attack you will knock them back.
  • Press F for fullscreen. (While in menu)


SvardBjorn (OSX) (19 MB)
SvardBjorn (Linux / multiplatform) (13 MB)
SvardBjorn (Windows) (16 MB)

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