A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

VILLAGE MAYHEM is a top down action arcade game where you control a cloaked hellish creature with a goal of causing as much havoc and destruction in your path as possible while surviving against hordes of tiny warriors and guards defending the cozy small villages and cities which you plague with your dark magic!

* Arrows keys - move
* Spacebar - Shoot

* Shift / Ctrl - Lock direction

* Z - Dash
* X - Knockback

Install instructions

Windows: unzip and run the .exe file!

OSX: Unzip and run the .app file!

Multiplatform: Download the Löve framework to be able to run the .love file!


Village Mayhem. (Windows / .exe) (15 MB)
Village Mayhem (Multiplatform / Löve) (13 MB)
Village Mayhem (OSX / .app) (19 MB)

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